Commercial Door Repair, Door Parts & Glass Replacement

service-maintenance-door-repair-1The door to your business is among the first things your customers encounter. You have worked hard and spent a lot of resources getting them to your door so you want the experience to be a positive one. An improperly functioning or completely non-functioning door can lead to a lot of inconvenience and hardship on the customer’s part, and that can lead to bad first impressions and potentially lost sales.

Commercial Door Repair and Parts for Doors for all Types, Brands and Sizes of Commercial Doors

At Toledo Mirror and Glass, we offer commercial door repair for all types, brands and sizes of commercial doors. With the wide array of doors, parts for doors and accessories in use, only an experienced team like ours will know how to best serve your needs. Our service technicians are always ready to provide fast, efficient and affordable service. They are dispatched in trucks that are stocked with all the commonly required parts for doors so we can get your doors back in working order as quickly as possible. When our service technicians arrive they will make a thorough assessment and provide you with a detailed list of labor and door repair parts needed. They can provide you with a quote for the entire commercial door repair project before the work begins. For after hours, we have a 24 hour emergency board up service that will secure your property, protect your employees and customers and, if applicable, keep your place of business in operation until such time that permanent door repairs can be made.

Glass Replacement for Commercial Door Repair

Toledo Mirror and Glass is the premier glass and glazing service in the Toledo area. If your commercial door repairs require replacement glass, we have you covered. We carry a complete selection of replacement glass for all types of commercial doors. Our service technicians will take measurements and obtain all the specifications needed regarding glass type, shape, color and thickness. The glass will be cut to those specifications in our shop and transported to your site by our service team. Before you know it, we will have your doors working again like new.

Here are just a few of the common commercial door repair parts for doors we keep in stock:

  • door hinges
  • door closers
  • door openers
  • glass stops
  • pivot replacements
  • locking mechanisms
  • door handle replacements