Translucent Glass and Translucent Panels

Translucent glass and translucent panels can be incorporated into building designs in some very unique and stunning ways.

Using light for different effects is among the most basic of design concepts. Translucent panels and translucent glass products allow you to use, transfuse and shape light in ways that are limited only by your imagination. If you are an architect, designer, or contractor, we can assist you with all the latest products, features and design techniques associated with the use of translucent glass and translucent panels.

When it comes to using the power of light there are many benefits to using translucent glass or translucent panels. Translucent glass or translucent panels allow you to control or diffuse light to create many desired effects.

It makes sense to use all the natural lighting possible, but sometimes it is even necessary to screen it. Translucent glass can help you do both. Translucent glass with added decorative elements provide design professionals with new and creative ways to add aesthetically stunning and powerful impressions to walls, roofs and other structures.

Translucent panels are easy to maintain and they are very cost effective.


Translucent glass and translucent panels:

  • are highly insulating
  • diffuse and transmit light
  • are structural composite panels
  • composite fenestration sandwich panel combines controlled,
  • usable natural daylight with ultimate energy efficiency
  • are lightweight and shatterproof
  • can be part of walls, roofs or an entire free standing structure
  • are made by permanently bonding under heat a pressure, specially formulated, fiberglass reinforced
  • translucent faces to a grid core and constructed of interlocked structural aluminum thermally broken I-beams
  • can be curved or flat

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