When it comes to automatic door design, the combinations of styles and configurations are practically endless.

Our AET design team will work with you to help you consider all the factors involved in determining the best type of automatic door for your specific application.


Factors to Consider

Here are just some of the major factors to consider:

  • whether the door will be interior or exterior;
  • the degree of impact on the ambient environment or the aesthetic atmosphere;
  • frequency and expected traffic levels;
  • security functions and emergency egress requirements;
  • accessibility requirements and maneuvering space required to accommodate wheeled mobility devices;
  • energy efficiency both in terms of operating the doors and helping to minimize costs of heating and cooling;
  • long term maintenance requirements.

Automatic Door Types

Some of the automatic door types to choose from are:

  • Single and bi-part sliding
  • Telescoping sliding
  • Bi-fold
  • Revolving (automatic and manual)
  • Server Windows (automatic and manual)

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor and sales agent in the Toledo area for these product lines:

  • Horton Automatics
  • record-usa

To be distributors of these product lines we are required to adhere to high standards of service and professional competencies in automatic door design and installation.

At AET, we work hard to make sure we have all the latest knowledge to advise you about every detail of your automatic door design!

Automatic Door Installation

You can be assured that we give as much consideration to automatic door installation as we do to the design and configuration process.

Proper installation of automatic doors is imperative for the longevity of operating function, security and trouble free maintenance management. Our experts at AET know how to install automatic doors right.

Our installers are certified through the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers and are re-certified annually. This keeps us updated in changes in ANSI A156.10, ANSI A156.19 and ANSI A156.27 along with the latest developments in technology and innovative solutions.

Please view our other pages to see schematic drawings of door mounting types or accessories for automatic door installations.