Lunch and Learns

To help educate our customers, we periodically conduct Lunch and Learns. When we hold Lunch and Learn events we cater lunch to your office.

While you and your staff eat we make an informative and educational presentation designed to strengthen your knowledge about topics that are related to automated doors and relevant to your business.

For architects, engineers and project managers this may include topics on design, construction and installation of automatic doors or the process we use here at AET to help a customer from concept to completion of their project.

For property managers, this may be an opportunity for your maintenance personnel to obtain specialized instruction on the specific door systems used on your premises.

We have found this to be a very effective and fun way to offer our customers the advantages of our expertise and experience. If you are interested in scheduling a Lunch and Learn, please feel free to contact us at 419-241-3151.


AAADM Certified Technicians

We require our Automated Entrance Technologies managers and field service technicians to recertify annually through the AAADM (American Association of Automated Door Manufacturers). The AAADM is a trade association of manufactures of automatic pedestrian door systems.

The AAADM Mission

To advance the interests of the automatic door systems industry; to increase education, training and professionalism among installers and service providers; and to generally promote the safe use of automatic doors.

The AAADM is the industry authority on automatic doors. Because of our affiliation with them you can be certain we can keep your commercial door systems in proper working order and in compliance with the latest industry standards and ANSI requirements.

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    AAADM recommends daily safety checks for automatic doors.

    AAADM recommends daily safety checks for all automatic door systems. According to AAADM, it is a good idea to get into the habit of routinely checking automatic doors at the same time each day.

    Each morning when the power to the door systems is turned on may be the ideal time. This is probably the time of day that customer ingress and egress is not heavy.

    Sensor and Detection Safety Checks

    Start by walking toward the door opening at a moderate pace at different angles. Make sure the door starts to open as you approach and that it is swinging or sliding smoothly and stopping without sudden jarring. Continuing to move slowly toward the door, check to make sure the door remains open.

    Repeat this procedure from the opposite direction if the door is used for two-way traffic.

    Next, step off the mat or out of the sensor zone. Make sure the door closes after a brief time delay.

    To check swinging doors, approach the safety side of the door and then have someone else approach the activating side of the door. The safety mechanism is not working if the door opens while you are in the safety area.

    Traffic patterns should be controlled so that people will approach swinging doors straight on and not from an angle.

    If electronic holding beams are installed on the doors, hold the beam with your hand and stand motionless for several seconds to make sure the door remains open. After removing your hand, the door should close after a brief time delay expires.

    If the doors are equipped with other safety devices, crouch low and motionless in the door opening for ten seconds. The door should not close.

    The door may swing toward you without stopping if the safety sensors are not working. Caution should always be exercised while conducting your daily checks.

    We hope you have found this advice from AAADM informative. Give Automated Entrance Technologies a call at 419-241-3151 if any of your safety checks give you cause for concern.