Whether you need a single window repaired, need to replace an entire storefront, or want to retrofit your office building with new windows, Toledo Mirror and Glass in Toledo, OH, is the company to call.

We are your source for all your commercial glass repair and replacement needs. We offer plate glass for window repair, glass for storefronts and glass for high rise applications.

Toledo, Ohio and Michigan mirror and glass services and replacement.
Toledo, Ohio and Michigan commercial Glass Replacement.

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    The Toledo Mirror and Glass Difference

    • Exceptional Service: If you’ve got an urgent glass replacement need, we can be at your location within an hour. If you’d like to speak with someone about a custom project, we’re happy to offer a same-day consultation or arrange an on-location appointment that’s convenient for you.
    • Same-day Glass Replacement: Although the timeline for glass replacement depends on the size and shape of the window, we make every effort to cut and install your order on the day of your request, especially in emergency situations like storm-damaged glass, accidental breakage or vandalism.
    • Safety First: If we can’t install the new glass right away, we’ll take extra precautions – removing any broken glass and boarding the void – to ensure the safety of your employees and guests and the security of your building until we can install the new glass.

    • Custom Projects: If you have a unique replacement piece or a custom job, we’ll order, cut and install the glass within 3 days.
    • Our Team: The Toledo Mirror and Glass team consists of only union-trained professionals, meaning they first complete a comprehensive apprenticeship program where they learn to master their craft. Our professionals have years of experience in the commercial glass repair and replacement industry, and they strive for excellence on each job. We also take pride in the fact that our glaziers are all certified drug free and put the safety of our customers first while on the job.

    We believe our true value lies in our integrity and professional team – it sets Toledo Mirror and Glass apart from the competition. Can you afford to put a price on quality assurance and peace of mind?

    Replacement Glass for Commercial Windows

    There is no doubt glass window replacement can yield energy savings, but just how much depends on several factors.

    First, it’s necessary to understand the costs and benefits of different glass replacement options – and the importance of considering them in light of other variables, like the condition and shape of the building, the HVAC system, weather, and safety and security requirements. You’ll also want to determine if the existing frames are usable or if a complete tear-out will be required.

    The return on investment of glass replacement is specific to every job, and our professional team at Toledo Mirror and Glass is ready to help you make the best decision for your project.

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    High Rise Glass Repair & Replacement

    Toledo Mirror and Glass can handle all your high rise glass repair and replacement needs. Working in conjunction with the building manager and stage operator, our glass replacement specialists will be able to get the job done efficiently.

    If you have windows that leak water, air or sound you should give us a call. We can help you with options for energy efficient high rise glass replacement that will also give your building a facelift.

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    Applications for Commercial Glass

    Historically, the use of glass as a building material was limited to plate glass for windows. Because of its fragility, glass was not suitable for other applications. However, due to advances in production methods, glass now comes in stronger forms such as laminated, tempered and bullet resistant varieties.

    Plate glass for windows is still used for some commercial applications, but codes and regulations now call for the stronger forms since the risks of window breakage and potential injury run high. Stronger glass grades have also become useful for many different applications, giving architects and designers a lot more freedom to be creative. Glass is now commonly used for doors, stairways, walls, partitions, countertops, table tops and more.

    At Toledo Mirror and Glass, we keep up with all the latest advances in technology and industry standards, and have the expertise to help you with any commercial glass replacement. We can help you choose the right glass for your application. Our professionals assist owners, architects and facility managers by evaluating all the options available regarding glass replacement.

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