When skylights are properly designed and installed there are many advantages to incorporating them into your commercial building design. Skylights are glass structures that let natural light into the building and are especially useful for interior spaces where windows are not an option. From a practical perspective they are economical, energy saving design options that help minimize heating, cooling and lighting costs. Skylights are functional because they let in natural light and can also be used for ventilation.

Aesthetically speaking, they add bold, dramatic looks to the overall architectural design and the natural light brings out the true colors of other interior design elements such as flooring, walls and furnishings. Psychologically, the exposure to abundant natural light and color will lift people’s spirits and provide a sense of freedom from confinement.


Skylight Design Considerations

There are several things to consider when planning skylight design for your new commercial construction project. At Toledo Mirror and Glass, our construction division is staffed with skilled and experienced experts who help architects, contractors and building owners answer questions such as:

  1. What type of skylight will work best in the structure and what energy performance rating is needed? The energy performance rating is based on the building’s design and the climate in the area.
  2. What will the physical size be and what position should the skylight design propose? The physical size will play a big role in the overall illumination and temperature levels of the space below. If maximizing the daylighting and/or passive solar heating potential is a priority, the compass direction the skylight faces will be important as will the presence or absence of other overshadowing buildings or trees on the outside. Solar heat gain can be controlled in some designs by special glazing.
  3. If energy efficiency is the top priority in the designing of skylights, then what type of skylight design will work best? The energy performance rating will help narrow your selection. A skylight’s energy efficiency is dependent upon its glazing, its operation, use and its shape. Skylights can be domes, polygons, pyramids, ridges, sheds, lean-to or barrel vaults using insulated and laminated glazing and aluminum framing members.

Skylight Installation

Even the best design will not serve its purpose without proper skylight installation. You can count on Toledo Mirror and Glass to make sure all skylight installation procedures are properly executed. Slope and moisture control are just two factors that are important for making sure the skylight installation contributes to the long-term functioning of the unit. The slope of the skylight installation will affect solar heat gain. At Toledo Mirror and Glass our experts understand the importance of geographical latitude and how to achieve the optimum slope for proper performance. Also, our installation team understands all the proper skylight installation techniques for moisture control and waterproofing that are crucial for preventing leakage and ice dams.

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