Glass doors offer beauty, elegance and versatility so it is no wonder they are favored by architects and designers the world over.

Glass doors include swinging entrances, sliding entrances and sliding glass walls for both exterior and interior applications. At Toledo Mirror and Glass we provide architects and designers with everything needed to make glass doors and glass entrance systems aesthetically pleasing and compatible with their designs.

Our experts at Toledo Mirror and Glass assist architects, contractors and building owners by helping them understand the different types of glass and the importance of having the right type for each application.

For example, tempered glass, laminated glass, and bullet resistant glass are some of the types of glass that could be used for glass doors and glass entrances. With our years of experience, we know the industry standards and the local codes that govern the types of glass that can be used for each type of application.


When it comes to aesthetic qualities, we offer many options. Clear glass can be used or, for more dramatic presentations, decorative elements such as color, etching or sand blasting can be added. The design options are practically endless.

At Toledo Mirror and Glass we also do custom glass door fabrication and installation. We have a team of dedicated and experienced experts who understand the importance of proper fabrication and installation to insure proper functioning doors.

A wide selection of glass hardware and accessories is also available to add even more elegance and versatility. Our project managers and installers will take care of all the glass hardware details like retainer clips, hinges, locks, latches, knobs and handles to make sure every glass door project is completed in a way that exceeds our customers’ expectations!

We can design and custom fabricate glass doors that are perfect for tenant build-outs too. Whatever your application, we can help with a solution.

Please give us a call at 419-241-3151, or come by our location at 103 Avondale in Toledo, Ohio. We are ready to help you with your glass doors!