Glass curtain wall systems have been our specialty for many years in Toledo, Ohio.  Because of our unrivaled reputation of being the premier glass glazier in the area, Toledo Mirror and Glass has been commissioned to design and construct some of the largest and most impressive new glass curtain wall systems in Toledo,  Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We are confident we can provide you with the expertise to successfully design and construct your glass curtain wall system no matter how big or no matter how challenging.

What is a glass curtain wall system?

A glass curtain wall is a non-structural, outer covering of a building typically made from glass panels supported by an aluminum framework. It is different from a storefront because a curtain wall is designed to enclose multiple floors. A glass curtain wall’s primary function is to keep out weather but it also allows for excellent thermal efficiency while permitting natural light to penetrate deeper into the building. A properly designed curtain wall system will also contribute to cost effective heating, cooling and lighting.

Toledo, Ohio Glass Curtain Wall Systems Design and Construction

At Toledo Mirror and Glass, our highly experienced professional staff knows the complexities of glass curtain wall system design. Glass curtain walls can and should be works of art but we know they have to be much more than aesthetically pleasing. For one, they must be designed to handle all the loads imposed upon them including dead loads, wind loads, seismic loads, snow loads, thermal loads and blast loads. All these loads are transferred to the building’s structure. So, the building anchors must be designed to handle all these anticipated forces. This is not a job that should be trusted to inexperienced designers. Toledo Mirror and Glass has established relationships with many of the Toledo, Ohio area’s reputable construction industry leaders. Our professionals will work with you, your building architects and contractor to insure that you will be satisfied with every detail of your glass curtain wall design.

Once we have all the details of your design worked out, construction of your glass curtain wall system begins right here in our Toledo, Ohio facility where we fabricate the framework from aluminum extrusions made with custom dies. Standard anodized and custom painted finishes are applied before the framework is taken to the Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan construction location. Once on location, the glass curtain wall will be glazed with double pane glass or triple pane glass using structured silicone glazing (SSG) applications. Glass curtain walls can accommodate narrow, medium and wide style doors. Operable vents can be easily incorporated.

Some of the Toledo, Ohio glass curtain wall systems we have designed and constructed include the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio, the new Woodward High School in Toledo, the Stroh Center in Bowling Green, Ohio, and Flower Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our local owned Toledo, Ohio company. You will learn that our experience in glass curtain wall design and construction will make us the logical choice for your next construction project!

Attractive Ohio and Michigan curtain wall systems by Toledo Mirror
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