Toledo Mirror and Glass works with companies throughout our area to provide impressive, durable glass products of all sizes and types.

Great-looking glass doors and windows can have a major impact on your entrance or storefront – it’s vital for bringing customers to you and highlighting your goods with style and security.

From basic glass door repair to full-entrance glass door installations, we’re committed to helping you find the products you need for your business and give you the service you deserve.

We’ll even work around your business hours, so there’s no interruption for your visitors. Our glass door solutions keep your business thriving and operating smoothly.

Toledo, Ohio and Michigan glass and glass door repair services provide durable glass repair products.
Toledo, Ohio and Michigan glass and glass door repair services

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    Commercial Glass Repair Solutions

    Broken door glass and improperly functioning doors can inconvenience your visitors, lead to negative brand perceptions and reduce your revenue.

    Toledo Mirror and Glass is your one-stop shop for commercial glass door repair. Whether you own a restaurant, retail shop, commercial office building or represent a government agency, you can count on our team to create an energy-efficient, stunning repair solution.

    Emergency Commercial Glass Services

    When a glass-related emergency strikes your business, the security of your location and the safety of your customers and staff are top our priorities. The glass door repair specialists at Toledo Mirror and Glass offer year-round, fast, 24/7 emergency glass repairs.

    Emergency services begin immediately when you call Toledo Mirror and Glass. If the corresponding glass is available, we’ll replace the broken glass door very quickly, saving you time and worry.

    If your glass door repair requires custom specialty glass or involved installation, we’ll secure the site, take precise measurements, then fabricate and install the replacement glass within a few days.

    Our Team

    The glass door repair experts at Toledo Mirror and Glass appreciate how important the security and safety of your business is to you, your customers, your staff and our community. That’s why we treat your range of commercial glass needs with superior customer service and unparalleled professionalism.

    Our certified, highly trained professionals have years of experience and are highly trained to accommodate any glass repair needs.

    For the best quality and fastest service, give us a call at 419.241.3151 or contact us online for your free estimate. We look forward to serving you!