Glass Railings and Glass Balustrades

Glass railings and glass balustrades are used extensively in commercial applications. It is almost impossible to go to a mall, hotel lobby, convention center, or airport and not see a glass railing system.

Glass railing systems have several functional purposes such as guardrails for stairs and escalators; guardrails for balconies and atriums; and they are used as dividers such as those dividing theater sections. Placed strategically, they can help control traffic patterns and they act as barriers in places such as observation towers and roof-top clubs and restaurants.

Toledo Glass Railings & Toledo Glass BalustradesGlass railings are the best choice for maintaining a clean, spacious look and to allow unobstructed views.

Glass railings and glass balustrades allow light to travel through the space so they will cut down on energy costs for lighting. They are favored for creating a sleek, modern look but will also work well in traditional designs. The glass panels used in the railings can have decorative detail added such as color or images created by etching or sandblasting.


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When we assist you with glass railings and glass balustrades, our design and engineering professionals will assist you in understanding all the industry requirements and codes that apply to your project.

Depending upon the purpose of your specific glass railing system, our design engineers will be able to advise you whether tempered or laminated glass is required and if the glass is supposed to be fire rated.

Static strength, impact performance and post breakage retention are other characteristics that should be taken into consideration when choosing glass for your glass railing system.

Virtually every aspect of the design will be examined but our reputation for quality does not stop there. We also provide installation and service after the sale too. We pride ourselves in making sure we exceed our customers’ expectations and…our work is guaranteed!

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