Toledo Mirror and Glass Service Division for Glass Services and Commercial Door Repair

Toledo Mirror and Glass has been exceeding customer expectations since 1918. We are a total glass service provider for commercial door repair and entrance, storefront and high rise glass applications.

We also offer a 24 hour emergency commercial board up service. Credit terms are available and Visa and Master Card are accepted.

24 Hour Emergency Commercial Board Up Service

Unfortunately, glass breaks. So, being prepared for those unfortunate events is important. Toledo Mirror and Glass has a 24 hour emergency board up service that you can call any time day or night. All you have to do is call us at 419-241-3151. Our emergency board up team will quickly secure your property to help prevent further damage and other potential threats that could occur before your commercial door repair or replacement glass services can be completed.


Toledo Glass Services and Commerical Door Repair

We provide commercial door repair and glass services for all types, brands and sizes of commercial doors. Don’t let broken or improperly functioning doors interfere with your business operations or put your property, personnel and customers at risk. We stock all types of glass and commonly used door repair parts and our professional service team is ready to serve you. Call us today at 419-241-3151.


Glass, Storefront and High Rise Glass Replacement

Toledo Mirror and Glass is the premier provider of commercial glass and glazing services in the Toledo area. We can serve all your commercial glass service needs no matter what the application. We carry all types of glass for commercial window, storefront and high rise applications. We also repair pass-thru and drive-thru windows. If you have a commercial glass service need, call us today at 419-241-3151 and we will prove to you why we are the premier provider of glass services in the area!


Security Glass and Safety Glass

There are many applications that require specific types of glass for security and safety. Protecting people from potential harm from broken glass must be a priority but there are also other considerations such as fire and heat transfer ratings, energy codes and product compatibilities that need to be taken into consideration. Federal and state regulations and local building codes govern these requirements too, so it is important to have the professionals at Toledo Mirror and Glass assist you with all your glass services to insure your property stays in compliance.


Mirror Replacement and Installation

Toledo Mirror and Glass was founded by professional glass “silverers,” the process by which plate glass becomes a mirror. While we no longer do glass silvering, we are still the company to turn to when you need mirror replacement and installation. We can cut mirrors to your specifications and apply custom touches like beveled edges, etching, sandblasting and polishing.


For more information, please contact Jim Miller at 419-241-3151, extension 103. Our courteous and professional staff is looking forward to helping you and we will be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers!