The most important architectural feature of a commercial building is the storefront. When potential customers take that first glimpse at a storefront, initial impressions are instantaneously being formed and expectations are being set. It is the crucial moment to grab the customer’s attention. When planning new commercial, industrial or retail construction, a great deal of consideration should be given to storefront design and storefront installation. At Toledo Mirror and Glass, we have a multi-disciplined staff that can help you with every phase of storefront design and storefront installation no matter how complex the project.

Architects, contractors and business owners have commissioned Toledo Mirror and Glass for some of the largest and most impressive new Toledo, Ohio storefront installation projects in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Commercial contracting is the magnitude of our business and the focus of our expertise in Ohio and Michigan.

Our highly experienced, professional staff knows the complexities of storefront design and storefront installation. We understand state-of-the-art glazing technologies and other important considerations including insulating values, structural demands, expansion and contraction, and non-traditional applications.

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    Toledo, Ohio and Michigan glass storefront design and glass installation for commercial buildings.
    Toledo, Ohio and Michigan glass storefront design and glass installation services.

    Storefront design from Toledo Mirror and Glass includes:

    • Professional engineering of your glass storefront
    • Product consultation and recommendations
    • Value engineering and benefits of using glass for your storefront
    • Cost analysis and budgeting
    • Glass storefront computer estimated drafting
    • Post project service and support

    Storefront designs and storefront installations
    by Toledo Mirror and Glass:

    • Glass storefronts enhance a building’s design and aesthetics
    • Can incorporate narrow, medium and wide style doors
    • Has options for front, center, back and multi pane glazing
    • Can have single span, storefront, ribbon and punched window applications
    • Interior or exterior flush glazed that accommodates 1/4” – 1” glass
    • Standard anodizes finishes along with standard and custom painted finishes
    • Steel reinforcing can enhance the structural performance of glass storefronts
    • 2” X 4 ½” thermally broken (exterior application) and non-thermally broken (interior application) framing
    • Can have operable vents easily incorporated into your storefront
    • Have Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) and captured applications