Mirrored Wall Replacement & Installation in Toledo, Ohio

Mirrors are used in countless ways in commercial, industrial and residential applications. It is a mistake to think of them as purely functional because as a decorating tool they can make a very dramatic statement.

Decorative mirrors and their reflections can be beautiful focal points for any space; therefore, when a mirror is broken, so is the ambience and atmosphere of the room.


Mirror Cutting and Customizing

We can provide custom mirror cutting in our shop to meet your specifications of size, shape and special features such as holes for lights in vanity mirrors or for switch plates on wall mounted mirrors.

We can also treat the edges after the mirror cutting to make them ready for any framed or unframed application. Providing custom touches like beveled edges, etching, sandblasted images and different polishing techniques are also services in which we excel.

Mirror Replacement

At Toledo Mirror and Glass we have specialized in mirror replacement and installation since we were founded in 1918. In fact, our founders started the company as glass “silverers,” the process by which plate glass becomes a mirror.

While we are no longer silverers, you can be sure we know about mirrors and you can count on our professionals to help you with your mirror replacement options no matter how big or small your project.

Mirror Installation

While we can provide mirror installation for any application, two common ones are:

Wall Mounted Mirror Installations

Examples of wall mounted mirrors are numerous. The sizes for wall mounted mirrors range from fully walled mirrors like those used in fitness centers and dance studios to small decorative mirrors.

Department stores use wall mounted mirrors in dressing rooms and on decorative floor to ceiling columns in strategic places in their retail space to entice shoppers to try on items such as hats and sunglasses.

Retail stores also use one way mirrors for security purposes. No matter how big your wall mounted mirrors, we have the equipment and crew that can handle the job and the years of experience that make us second to none.

Surface Mounted Mirror Installations

Surface mounted mirror installations include installations on medicine cabinet doors, vanities, curio cabinets and decorative art pieces. They are also used on retail display units. In fact, you can give life to an old display case by covering it with mirrors.

This makes a very elegant presentation for jewelry, china, silver service, blown glass pieces and many other pieces of visual art.

Along with our mirror replacement, mirror cutting and mirror installation services we also carry
mirror clips and accessories to add the finishing touches to any job.