Toledo Mirror and Glass is a full-service glass company that has been serving the commercial glass and glazing needs of businesses in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan since 1918.

We’re pleased to announce we’re now offering our services to the residential and specialty markets, too! Whether you’ve dropped an heirloom glass figurine, cracked an antique glass table top, or chipped your great-great-grandmother’s china, we can help make it whole again.

Toledo Mirror and Glass offers specialty glass repair services on everything from vases to shower doors. If it’s made of glass and needs to be repaired, we can fix it, including:

  • Window glass
  • Shower doors and enclosure glass
  • Table top glass
  • Mirror glass
  • Mirrored door glass
  • Mirrored wall glass

Toledo Mirror and Glass uses a wide range of techniques to repair cracks, chips, scratches in specialty glass including:

  • Heating
  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Filling
  • Glazing
  • Recoloring

We welcome you to call us at 419-241-3151 or visit us at 103 Avondale in Toledo, Ohio. We guarantee our work and we know you’ll be happy with our professional, courteous staff!

Glass Repair for Vases, Goblets, Bowls & Glasses

Glass vases, goblets, bowls and glasses get used frequently, which increases the chances they’ll sustain damage over time. Whether your piece has a chipped edge from a drop or the rim was cracked when other items bumped against it in the cabinet, we’ll try our best to repair the damage and preserve the original integrity of the piece.

We can even reattach large glass pieces that have detached completely, such as those that result from clinking a wine glass against the sink during washing.

Glass Figurine Repair

Toledo Mirror and Glass understands the monetary and sentimental value of antique and heirloom glass figurines. But gravity works, and glass figurines are delicate. If you’ve broken a glass figurine, avoid using super glue or similar adhesives to fix it yourself – they can discolor the glass or distort the shape.

Our specialty glass repair experts will examine the damage and determine the best way to repair it to keep the original shape and finish intact, even if the figurine broke into multiple pieces. The repair will be so seamless, even those Antiques Roadshow experts will have trouble spotting it.

Glass Furniture Top Repair

Glass furniture tops are the perfect way to protect your valuable furniture pieces while still displaying the natural beauty of the wood or stone underneath. If your glass furniture tops are scratched, chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged, our specialty glass repair experts can fix them.

Toledo Mirror and Glass can also produce custom glass tops to protect your antique or high-end furniture pieces! Feel free to bring smaller furniture pieces into the shop so our technicians can take exact measurements. If the piece is too large to transport, we’ll come to your home to take necessary measurements and photograph any ornate decoration or edge beveling we’ll need to accommodate.

The most common glass furniture tops we see for repairs and replacement are those for:

  • Dining tables
  • Dressers
  • Vanities
  • Side tables
  • Credenzas

But we can custom-cut glass furniture tops for any shape or size piece in your collection, including those with ornate decoration, etching or beveled edges.

And we offer white-glove delivery! We’ll safely and carefully transport your glass furniture top from our shop to your home. We’ll even install it for you, using special, velvet-like buttons, which create a cushion between the furniture and the glass to prevent damage.

Protecting or repairing your glass furniture tops is as easy as calling 419.241.3151 or getting a Free Estimate today.

Glass Dining Table Top Repair

Does your dining table feature a sheet of glass that sits directly atop a metal, wooden or stone base? Daily use can cause scratches, cracks or chips in the surface or along the edges of the glass. But there’s no need to invest in an entirely new table! Let the specialty glass repair experts at Toledo Mirror and Glass fix it for you.

We’ll cut, grind or sand the damage away, fill in any voids with liquid glass, and sand the entire table to a level surface. Then, we’ll polish the glass so it’s as clear and lustrous as the day it graced your family’s home.

Patio Table Top Glass Repair

Quality patio furniture isn’t cheap, and there’s no reason to replace your whole set just because the glass is damaged. You can simply bring your damaged patio table top glass to our shop, or we’ll come out to your home to pick it up. We’ll be unable to repair your patio table top glass if it has shattered, and we don’t recommend trying to remove it yourself.

Although outdoor furniture uses specialty glass that is laminated or tempered to protect against injuries in the event of breakage, you may still cut yourself if you try to dispose of it alone. Our crew will come out to your home, remove the shattered patio table top glass, dispose of it safely, and take measurements to produce a new glass top for your patio table.

And if your patio tables didn’t come with glass tops, we can create them specifically for your pieces, in a variety of shapes, sizes and edge finishes.

Coffee Table Top Glass Repair

Party guests, children and pets are all hard on glass coffee table tops. If yours has been scratched, chipped or cracked, the specialty glass repair experts at Toledo Mirror and Glass can fix it!

Is your glass coffee table top shattered, damaged beyond repair or outdated? We offer in-stock glass coffee table top replacements in a variety of sizes, shapes and embellishments. We can even custom-design a glass coffee table top to your specifications.